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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Chocolate Can Improve Level of Brain Function

Be happy chocolate lovers! The most current research indicate the benefit of enjoying bar of milk chocolate will improve level of brain function

“Chocolate contains a lot of stimulative substance, such as theobromine, phenethylamine, and caffeine," said Bryan Raudenbush from University of Wheeling of Jesuit to mass media in West Virginia on Friday.

Previously, those particles have been found able to improve level of memory and concentration ability. Result of the research shows consuming chocolate has stimulative effect to improve mental performance.

Raudenbush and partners said research on effect of brain ability is conducted to a number of volunteers consuming various type of chocolate, divided in four groups. The first three groups consume 85 gram of chocolate bar. The first one consume milk chocolate, second one consume dark chocolate, third one consume carob chocolate, and the last one do not consume any.

After 15 minutes, each volunteer conducted a few neuropsychological tests which designed to measure cognitive performance. Including level of memory, concentration, reaction and problem solving ability.

“Compared to three other groups, the first group who consume bar of chocolate milk achieve the highest level of verbal and visual memory," said Raudenbush

Increase of verbal and visual memory level is also found on group who consume other chocolate types. However, the level is under the first group

It’s been founded on previous researches, that some nutrients in supplemental diet release glucose that adds blood stream, of which effects on cognitive ability.

Result of most current research supports previous opinions, and even emphasis that consuming chocolate can improve level of brain function performance. (Ant/Reuters/Ol-02).

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