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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

4 Tips to Become the Strong and Healthy Hair

Not only woman making hair as his crown. Clans of Boy even also start apprehensive moment of baldness and grizzle attack.
Don’t worry of this thing because still can be prevented by looking after hair intensively and real correct early on to slow down process incidence of grizzle and drop off of hair abnormally. There are 4 tips to avoid this matter:

1. Looking after rate of natural oil which is there are in scalp
Rate of abundant Oil will only pursue channel of oil go to follicle. Whereas, rate of too natural oil a few/little will cause your scalp become too dry. Become so that rate of oil of scalp remain to be awaked, you better know type of correct shampoo and as according to condition of your scalp and hair.

2. Trying therapy of massaging of scalp like hair spa or cream bath as alternatively other; dissimilar in order to the healthier hair
This therapy it is said will slow down process incidence of grizzle and drop off of abundant hair. Traditional therapy with natural substance, like aloe, rank, and also the ginseng also very needed in preventing drop off and growing of earlier grizzle.

3. Pattern eat important nutritious also to guarantee accomplishment of precise nutrient for the hair health
Some essence nutrient that important attention to get strong and healthy hair, for example are protein, vitamin A, vitamin of B complex ( vitamin B2, vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, biotin, ,folat acid), Zink, ferrous, copper, iodine, and inositol.
Multifarious of vitamin can assist to take care of hair fertility, as does vitamin of A which can assist to keep in good health scalp, vitamin of B complex to launch production of oil utilize to keep in good health and the hair dampness, and also vitamin of B complex which it is said able to obscurantism grizzle growth.

4. Multiply also consume white water minimize 2 liters per day to assist process of postponement of hair damage

Source: Klasika of Kompas

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