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Monday, May 5, 2008

Healthy Tips : 7 (Seven) Interdict after Eating

1. Don't Smoke
Research from all expert fact provide that smoking 1 piece cigarette after eating is equal to smoking 10 pieces (possibility is bigger of attacked by a cancer)

2. Don’t Be Direct Eat Fruits
Direct eat fruits after eating will cause our stomach is fulfilled by air. For this, you can eat fruits 1- 2 hours after eat or 1 hour before eating

3. Don’t Drink Tea
Leaf tea contains high acid content. This content will cause protein content from food which we the digested difficult consumption

4. Don’t Slackened Belt
Slackened belt after eating will cause intestine twisted and blacked out

5. Don’t Take a Bath
Bath will boost up blood stream to hand, foot/feet and body that cause blood amount around the stomach will be non-stopped to decrease. This matter will weaken digestion system in our stomach

6. Don’t walk along
People tell to walk some step after eating will lengthen age. This matter not true, because walking will cause digestion system unable to permeate vitamin from eating which we have consumed

7. Don’t Be Direct Sleep
Food which we have consumed cannot be digested better and this matter will cause intestine experience of to swell and hurt

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