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Friday, September 12, 2008

Breakfast Gets Your Body Systems on Track

The meal a lot of people skip is breakfast but if you want to keep your body healthy and help you in your efforts to keep your weight in check then taking a few minutes in the morning to eat a healthy breakfast is a necessity.

When we awake each morning our body has not had food from 6 to 10 hr and has depleted nutrients it is unable to store, like protein. The body needs to be replenished and so the name break fast is a correct name for our first and most important meal. Breakfast is a very good source of energy we need to get started and function correctly through the day. Eating breakfast aids in disease prevention such as diabetes by helping maintain a balanced sugar level. It places some thing in our stomach so we are not as hungry at lunch and overeating helping prevent obesity which leads to heart disease and many other problems.

Healthy foods for breakfast like eggs, fruit, and whole grains provide important vitamins and minerals your body needs through the day. If you do not get these in the morning it will be hard to make up their loss later. Remember a body with the proper nutrients functions properly. When you eat a healthy breakfast it will help you choose healthier foods through the day continuing to provide proper nutrition.

Taking 20 minutes in the morning to eat a healthy breakfast each day can really make a hugh difference in your diet, aid in weight control and help provide nutrients you need to maintain a healthy body and function properly through the day, The best breakfast will include at least 3 food groups bread (like whole grain toast) protein (peanut butter) fruit (banana). Milk to drink will add a fourth group to your meal. Breakfast does not have to be a heavy meal every day to be healthy even a piece of fruit or a muffin is better than completely skipping our most important meal.

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