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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Are you Playing Beautiful Music Throughout Your Life?

The guitar is an excellent metaphor for our lives. The strings represent the different facets and aspects of our lives in which we express ourselves, the plucking and strumming represents the action we take in the world and the music represents the results we produce in our lives.

I don’t care how great of a guitarist you are, if your strings are not in tune, you will never play beautiful music in your life or reach your full potential!

Where are you out of tune in your life?

Most of us go through life primarily playing the work string. We focus all of our efforts, time and energy thinking that this is what will make us successful. So, we work long and hard thinking that our efforts will provide us with the things we need to live a successful life.

Nothing could be further than the truth!

The truth is that this is a recipe for health breakdown, failed relationships and discontentment.

In order to play beautiful music throughout our lives and truly live a prosperous, successful and fulfilling life, we must play all of the strings!

Most of us have been taught that massive action and hard work is what will make us successful or earn us some type of award in life. How many times have you thought, “look at me, look how hard I am working!”

That is an old model and is actually becoming more and more ineffective. I can’t tell you how many business people I know that have failed health, broken marriages and alienated children.

There must be a solution!

And there is.

To be truly successful, you must play all of the strings in your life.

Are you playing the physical health string? Do you take time to exercise and eat nutritious foods? Do you take time to pamper yourself and rest? You would be surprised at how many people neglect this aspect of their lives to later regret their decision.

Take quality time to be with the ones you love most. The relationship string is one of the most powerful strings that you can play in your life! Nurture your relationships and you will be amazed at the benefits and also how it positively affects your energy.

We all have different facts and aspect of our lives. When we take time to play the ones that mean the most of to us we will find that we will have an increase in health, vitality and success in all aspects of our lives.

We will also find that we will be able to create our desired results easier and with less effort on our part. After all, would you rather have to labor long and hard to achieve your goals or have them show up with ease?

The key to truly living a successful, fulfilling and passion filled life is to play all of the strings in our lives. When we do we will find that we truly can play beautiful music throughout every aspect of our lives!

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