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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Healthy Tips : One-Minute Meditations You Can Do Anytime

Want an easy way to get stress relief any time you wish? You may know that meditation is a great way to relax, but feel it's too difficult for you. Here are some great, easy one-minute meditations which work anywhere.

Firstly, let's discover what meditation actually is. Meditation is just being -- it's not thinking about anything, or doing anything. It begins with a form of relaxed concentration. As you focus on something, stress drops away.

Here are four three simple one-minute meditations.

1. Breath Counting -- Easy

You can do this anywhere, with your eyes open or closed. Just breathe, and count your breaths in this way. Inhale deeply (without straining), counting ONE. Exhale. Inhale again, counting TWO, exhale. Inhale again, counting THREE, exhale. Inhale again, counting FOUR. Exhale. Repeat, inhaling and exhaling, starting your count again at ONE.

2. Choose a Sanskrit Mantra Which Appeals to You

Sanskrit mantras are powerful. They've been used for thousands of years to change lives of people who use them.

Repeat "Om Shanti Om" or just "Om", which is pronounced "Aaaummm", for a few minutes, with your eyes open or closed, and you'll feel much more relaxed. If you're going into a stressful situation, just keep repeating the mantra to yourself.

3. Photo Meditation from Your Favorite Vacation Location

If you've been on a relaxing vacation, look through your photos. If you have one photo which brings the ease of the vacation back to you, use the photo as a focus of a one-minute meditation.

Look at the photo, and imagine yourself in the scene.

4. Belly-Breathing at Traffic Lights

Driving becomes more enjoyable when you use traffic lights as a way to relax.

When you're stopped at a traffic light, start belly-breathing. This is similar to breath counting, but you're focused on your tummy area, around two inches below your navel.

Your belly expands with each inhale, and relaxes with each exhalation.

Want more stress relief tips? You'll get more information on stress management on the Just Stress Relief Blog at, and at the Easy Fab Yoga Blog at

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