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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Healthy Tips : Drink Green Tea and Be Healthy !

Green Tea is found as a great cure for Cancer. Because of the presence of the chemical,"Anti oxidant", it is preventing cancer. We can extract Anti oxidants from the tea separately and can prepare tablets.

All these good ness present in the green tea cures not only cancer,but also prevent the diabetics and heart diseases.This is proved by a student, Subha Lakshmi of American University. She has proved this by her research work on Green Tea.

By taking Green tea directly kills the cancer cells.So, a cancer Patient must take at least 25 cups of green tea every day.But practically its not possible. So, she extracted the anti accident agent from the green tea.And tried many combinations and at last she got the results.

Let us Know about Green Tea Now

It is a Traditional drink. Regular intake of Green tea makes the Chinese and Japanese look younger and healthy. The researches on the Green tea proved ,that the anti oxidant of Green tea is 100 times better than Vitamin A and 25 times better than Vitamin E.

So, the Green Tea not only a has the medicinal value , but also maintaining the beauty and for lengthy life span.

It helps to cure mouth ulcers,protect bones,reduce paralysis,reduce the high Blood pressure and High sugar from the Blood and so on........

Making of Green Tea

Mix the Green tea directly with the Hot water,(Don't mix Milk or sugar.) Filter it and Drink. If you need sweet taste In place of sugar add Honey Or Jagger.Mixing lemon drops and ginger essence will give different taste.

In this modern world everybody is drinking soft drinks and it lead to obesity and unhealthy life style. With Green Tea we can live happily without Cancer,obesity,diabetics and arthritis.

Drink GREEN TEA! Live Happily !!!

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